What properties do you exclude?

Property exclusions

  • Properties with low demand as a result of location/ condition/ maintenance
  • New build properties that benefit from a Rental Guarantee incentive.
  • Properties with Local Authority approval for uses other than residential
  • Normally Ex Local Authority apartments. This is the case where most units are still being used for social housing
  • Non-traditional construction e.g. timber frame, concrete or any designated defective under the housing act
  • Converted properties where the applicant is resident in a different unit in the building
  • Properties that are subject to any restrictions (occupancy/use/ resale), e.g. Agricultural restrictions
  • Properties subject to adverse notices, mineral extraction, contaminated land, landfill, mining subsidence. Also, properties with Japanese Knotweed excluded
  • Properties located adjacent to an electrical sub-station (small substations will be acceptable subject to valuer’s comments) or communication mast or within 100m of overhead high voltage cables/ pylons
  • Properties held in Trust
  • Right to buy scheme or subject to a pre-emption clause
  • Properties that are, or have been shared ownership
  • Built within the last 10 years without an NHBC certificate or other guarantee acceptable to us
  • Properties with solar panels which are subject to a lease agreement
  • Properties that are adjacent to commercial premises that could materially impact marketability, e.g. Pubs, takeaways and petrol stations. Properties being purchased at under market value
  • Properties being purchased at under market value
  • Grade I & Grade II* listed properties
  • Properties that have cladding and do not have an acceptable cladding fire test certificate
  • Flying freehold greater than 15% of the total property area
  • Freehold Flats
  • Ex-local authority properties with deck access
  • New Build Flats where the ground rent exceeds 0.10% of the property value
  • Properties liable to flooding
  • Properties with non-standard insurance terms
  • All properties that require an EWS1 (stipulated by valuer) must be Grade A1

  • Properties less than 30sqm

NB - Purchases involving property clubs or syndicates are excluded.
NB - Properties which include rental guarantees. (this also includes developments as a whole)