What supporting documents are required for my case?

You can review the required documents for your case within the supporting document section of the full mortgage application.

Depending on the case you're submitting you may need to submit the following supporting documents. Your underwriter will reach out if they require any clarification, or additional documents.


  • A full clear uncertified colour scan/image of the current passport for each applicant.
  • Proof of current address for each applicant (must be a postal document dated within the last three months).
  • Last 3 months individual bank statements for each applicant (showing proof of all income including any rental income being received and any mortgage payments being made).
  • For each employed applicant, last 3 months payslips.
  • For each self-employed applicant, last two years tax calculations and HMRC tax year overviews.
  • If the applicant has 4 or more mortgaged properties please can their portfolio be uploaded to the BTL Hub via this link. The BTL Hub template can be found on the documents and forms sections of the Landbay website via this link.
  • If the applicant has 4 or more mortgaged properties we will also require a business plan to be completed.


  • The last 2 years company accounts.

  • The last 3 months company bank statements.

  • If the application is a purchase between two companies with common directors (and there is an intercompany loan (or a directors loan)) we will need to see company minutes agreeing to the facility prior to offer.

Portfolio applications

  • If you are submitting portfolio applications, you only need to upload the company and applicant documents to one application.