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Non-portfolio product criteria

Applies to non-portfolio products only

How does Landbay determine if a case should be treated as a non-portfolio application?

If the combined number of buy-to-let properties (both encumbered and unencumbered) owned by the applicants is three or less at the time of underwriting, then we deem the landlord to be non-portfolio. 

  • Minimum loan size £100,000
  • Maximum loan size £1,000,000
  • Maximum 75% LTV
  • Available to limited companies and individuals
  • Exclusions: Properties above or adjacent to commercial premises (applies to
    flats & houses), ex-local authority properties and new build properties
  • Excludes HMOs and MUFBs
  • Maximum two borrowers (individuals or directors)
  • Minimum combined income £25,000