Limited company portfolio criteria

  • Limited Companies must be registered in England, Wales or Scotland
  • SPV Companies must have been established for property rental only and will only be accepted with the following SIC codes:

    68100, 68201, 68209, 68320, 7012, 7020, 7032

  • Trading Limited Companies are acceptable (subject to product availability), however, the company must have the related SIC code for property rental and have been trading for at least two years. Please refer if less than two years

  • Max 4 Directors/Members (must be resident within the UK for the last 2 years)
  • All directors, regardless of shareholding, must be subject to the mortgage.
  • Any shareholder of 25% shares or more must be subject to the mortgage
  • Any shareholder with 24.9% or lower does not have to be subject to the mortgage
  • Full Personal Guarantees required on a joint and several liability basis from all mortgage applicants.
  • Layered Limited Companies can be considered by referral (common directors and ultimate beneficial owners being subject to the mortgage application)
  • All members of an LLP must be designated members
  • LLP’s with corporate member would not be acceptable
  • Please note that trusts & charities are excluded