Do you accept MUFBs & HMOs?

We will consider applications for mortgages on MUFBs (Multi Unit Freehold Blocks) & HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy), providing they meet the following criteria:

  • Maximum number of units for MUFBs: 12
    • A small MUFB is up to 6 units
    • A large MUFB is 7-12 units
  • Maximum number of bedrooms for HMOs: 12
    • A small HMO is up to 6 beds
    • A large HMO is 7-12 beds
  • We can consider more than one kitchen in HMO properties
  • Borrowers seeking these mortgages must have at least 12 months prior experience as a landlord
  • Please see our page on LTVs

NB. All properties must meet relevant legislation, for example, HMO licence, planning, etc.

First-time landlords wishing to purchase an HMO or a MUFB